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Retail District Management Workshop

"According to operating data from various retail organizations, District/Area/Region Manager can influence performance by up to +/- 20%" - (DMSRetail Research)


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What Our Previous Participants Say

"Illuminating, challenging and entertaining" Amanda R., Retail Business Owner

"Very good information, gave many tools to be a very successful DM." Leland W., District Manager

"I think this class has made me a better DM. I can put a lot of the systems I saw into play in my stores." Calvin D., District Manager

"I think this workshop was perfect for our company. The way we are growing, I truly felt that we needed to structure the DM position. This workshop has given us the tools to do so." Nick G. District Manager

"I enjoyed/learned from your experiences and it is important to learn from workshops like yours because we do not have the time to learn all these things on our own. Stand on the shoulders of giants!" Bill G. District Manager

"I think this workshop provides tremendous insights from the DM position to Home Office and into Stores. I appreciated the wide range of topics covered. I feel more empowered to take decisive action with my team." Kerry T. District Manager

"Lots of great info - good takeaways that can be implemented. Leaving feeling empowered to coach and effectively manage my team to be successful in meeting & beating the target." Grace W. District Manager

"This workshop provided me with techniques to be an effective leader and demanding results! How to hire star performers and giving them the right recognition. Setting high, clear expectations and accepting nothing less. Focus and Follow-Up." Marie M. District Manager

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